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of Sports Career

All Management assists Amateur and Professional Athletes in the development of their Image and the acquisition of new Partners / Sponsors.

The agency is responsible forunite and put in relation Women and Men around ajoint project, yours and that of your future partners, based on same values and achievable goals.

Many Athletes do not achieve their goals for lack of budget but also for lack of having managed their careerwithout medium and long term projections.

All Management intervenesfor top athletes as Sports Marketing Expert, Communication Professional and Career Agent / Manager.

What is your Financing Plan?

All Management realizes astudyaroundYOU, yourSport, yoursurroundings, and yournetwork.

This allows to define the first achievable goals.

Are you visible, readable and attractive?

All Management supports you in the creation of brackets and D'communication tools that make you visible,attractive Andbankable.

Be a Brand Ambassador?

All Management accompanies you and trains you tobecome ambassador of brand and then introduces you to its customers.

How to find Sponsors?

All Management marketsSports sponsorship and offers itsathletes under agency contract.


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