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To achieve your high-level goals  Entrust us with the defense of your interests

Our agency specializes in sports marketing and career management for top-level athletes.
This activity remains very confidential at All Management because our priority is to support talented athletes over time and at the highest level, which requires exceptional availability and human resources.

On the strategic level:
We are very careful that all our athletes are enrolled in a professional athlete approach, namely having a main objective to succeed in their sport and generate profits.  This is why all our athletes are under contract with the agency and why their objectives are ours.

In terms of Sport:
We are very attached to the quality of the sports preparation of our athletes because it is the basis for being athletically efficient and credible vis-à-vis the economic players in relation to the project.

Via all our networks and our own lobbying force, we work in advance on the placement of our athletes in the best teams or clubs. Whenever possible, we negotiate the human and technical resources for them, as well as fees and price money.

On the Commercial level:
We build around each athlete a B to B offer that we deploy in his own network and ours as well as the direction of strategic prospects. Whether it is the management of image rights, the marketing of advertising spaces, the management of brand representation operations or the implementation of various and varied services, we are united so that each athlete can have the financial return which corresponds to the level of its discipline and its classification.

Target Sports

  • Karting & Sport Auto

  • Triathlon

  • Moto Speed and Cross

  • Nautical sports

Target market

  • France

  • Western Europe

  • Middle East

  • Asia

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