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Accessoires de sport et de remise en forme

Fitness, Physical and Mental Preparation, Sports Coaching and Automobile Simulation, Communication and Career Management

Leisure-time physical activity that feels good.

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Physical activity improves the functioning of the heart and blood activity, increases muscle mass, decreases fat mass, maintains joints and bones while reducing stress, the risk of cancer and insomnia.

Accessoires de sport et de remise en forme

Physical Training

A coach anywhere in the world.

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The physical condition of an amateur athlete as well as a professional must be in phase with his program and his objectives. To increase performance, endurance and recovery time, physical preparation is essential to progress.

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Mental Preparation

The absolute weapon to achieve victories.

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The mind is the pilot of the success of an athlete who wishes to perform. The goal is to know how to make the right decisions in all circumstances, regardless of the emotional load generated by both predictable and unpredictable elements.

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Sports Coaching

Transmit know-how and interpersonal skills

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Sports coaching aims to assist athletes during training and competitions by providing specific expertise with an analysis of strengths and weaknesses, advice on technical conditions and safety, programming of exercises in line with the objectives. set for improving performance and autonomy.

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Automotive Simulator

Movements and haptics: immersion and reality

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The simulation  professional is the essential tool for both amateur and professional pilots, for learning and development, piloting,  pre-race preparation or maintenance of psychometric condition  during periods of no  activity.

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Sports Marketing

Business analysis before the 1st €  invested.

As soon as the material, logistical and human conditions become a key element in the practice of a high level sport, funding is an essential objective.
Sports marketing makes it possible to identify, analyze and compare data to generate a qualitative study with business axes which aim to generate financing and / or remuneration and / or sales.

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To be at the right time in the right place.

Once the objectives are set, the communication tools, the editorial line and the graphic charter are combined to generate a communication plan.
Creation of an image or a brand, a business network or a community of fans, a PR event or an animation at a point of sale, from a newsletter to a conference press release, everything is planned and measured.

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Sports Management

Surround yourself to achieve sustainable goals.

The sports agent manages the commercial interests of top-level athletes, ensures their promotion to clubs, federations and organizers and sponsors. He manages the contracts, the relationship with the technical staff, the partners, the press.

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